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Cloud Software Development

Cloud is a metaphor for the Internet. Plus it's a catchy name. With Cloud software all your data is stored on a server which is external (outside) your business. There are a massive number of benefits when compared to traditional software, so speak to us soon about how it can benefit your business.

Advantages of Cloud over conventional Software

Highly automated

Cloud software is accessed via a web browser, so no installation is necessary. Updates are done on the server, so there is also no need for individual updates, patches, security fixes, or ensuring that everyone in the office is using the same version of the software. Likewise there are no compatability issues, nor any requirement for everyone to be on the same operating system - as long as there is an internet-connected computer with a browser, they're away laughing.

greater mobility

If your central intranet, extranet or other development is hosted externally (in the cloud) your team can operate from anywhere. In the event of the office being inaccessible (due to disaster or other), your team can quickly regroup and operate from anywhere that has broadband access.

In addition to this, because your data is available from any internet-connected device, you can access your data through your iPhone or smartphone, iPad or other tablet computer. You won't have to go into the office to access data that was previously only available through your own computer or internal network.

increased risk protection

Data is stored offsite, utilising rigorous backup systems in place to ensure that your data is available and protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Most of the time, this backup is far more substantial than the systems that you have in place now.

lower I.T. requirements

Because your intranet, extranet, customer relationship management software, or other development is hosted externally, there are no requirements for you to be saddled with the expense of setting up and maintaining your own server.

reduced costs and greater efficiencies

Cloud is far more affordable than traditional software applications. With off-the-shelf solutions you simply pay a small monthly fee based on the number of users. With custom development there will be some upfront costs as well as a monthly fee, however when compared to the costs of conventional software deployment.

The bigger question

With the availability of Cloud Software, the advantages it brings and the efficiencies to business, why would you look to any other solution?

You can go the Cloud direction for a lot of day-to-day applications that you're using now, as well as custom solutions that we can develop for you.

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