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eCommerce Website Solutions

Electronic Commerce, commonly known a e-commerce or eCommerce is defined as trading products and sometimes services using websites found on the internet. 

Whether selling products, or providing database-driven information, e-commerce is a very broad field of expertise. It's a specialty of ours that we're very proud of, and damn good at with over 500 eCommerce websites under our belt. Our eCommerce sites are able to be fully self-administered, and we haven't found a system or request yet that we haven't been able to accommodate.

In addition to simply designing and engineering great e-Commerce websites that you have full control over, we can assist with;

  • Branding and print material for new ventures
  • Marketing idea generation to drive traffic to your website
  • Social media campaigns and management
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Realtime credit card payment integration
  • Management of data between inventory software and your website
  • Content Management Software
  • Membership and loyalty software to encourage repeat shopping


If you're new to eCommerce websites, or haven't run an e-Commerce site before, we will help you to understand the various aspects of eCommerce sites that may be new to you, such as merchant status, real-time credit card processing and freight options.

How often do you buy products on e-commerce websites?  Online spending is now close to 10% of traditional sales in the retail market.   
Domestic sales via eCommerce sites win the majority of purchases in NZ but International e-commerce sales have grown to 43% and it is anticipated that international e-Commerce online purchases will surpass domestic online sales in two years.  
Did you know that one in three New Zealanders use their smart phones to make online purchase on e-Commerce sites?  It just so happens that all of Cohesion's new e-commerce sites are mobile responsive so not to worry - we have you covered!

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