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Mobile Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design suggests that design and development should respond to the user's behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. This means Websites can respond to different screen sizes, making it very easy and friendly for the user to read your content. As more and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet, the need to have a Responsive Website Design has increased. Below is a diagram of a Website responding to different devices.



On April 21st, 2015 Google changed its algorithms around search ranking of websites based on their mobile friendliness or mobile responsiveness.

Was your website ready for "Mobilegeddon"?

At the beginning of 2014 64% of Kiwis aged between 15 and 65 owned a smartphone.  By 2018 those levels are expected to exceed 90%.  How often do you browse websites on your mobile device?

The bottom line is that more and more people are accessing the world wide web using their Smart Phones daily, hence the reason for Google's algorithm changes.  If your website isn't mobile friendly or responsive, people who have found your site aren't likely to hang around for long anymore.
Google has now boosted the ranking of mobile friendly pages on mobile search results.  It is anticipated that when we use our Smart Phones we will be able to find relevant sites with results that a presented in a format that is easy to see and use.  Gone are the days of tapping, zooming and pinching!

Although it wasn't completely clear until April 21st, we can now confirm the following around the responsive update.
  • Search rankings on mobile devices only will be affected
  • Mobilegeddon will affect results in languages around the globe.
  • The algorithm change will also affect individual pages and not entire websites.

Mobilegeddon ranking changes do not mean non mobile friendly pages with high quality content will drop to page ten in search.  Your website may still rank high if is has strong relevant content relating to the original query typed into the Search Engine.

To check if your site is ready for mobile or has been developed as a responsive website have a look at  the mobile-friendly test.

Keep an eye on your analytics data if your site isn't optimised for mobile devices.  Odds are you'll soon see a drop in mobile traffic which means less visitors to your site and less interaction overall and possibly less sales!  It's not all doom and gloom though...Give Cohesion a call.  We'll get your your site up to mobile standard by making you a new responsive website.  Then Google will crawl your site and index your new mobile friendly pages.  Afterwards your pages will be reviewed differently in the future and gain points when it comes to search!

Interesting facts to think about:
  • 25% of web users are only accessing the web via a mobile device.
  • New Zealand is ranked as one of the top ten countries in the world when it comes to smart phone penetration rates per capita.
  • Nielsen says 74% of mobile users look at a search engine when going through the purchase process.  83% of those mobile users intend to make a purchase within 24 hours of their search.
Internet users expect the same experience they have on their smart phones that they have on their desk tops.  If your site is not mobile friendly or mobile responsive you will soon have less visitors to your site as you should expect to drop in smart phone searches in most situations.  Less visitors typically means less contact from possible customers and less revenue for your business.
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